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Join the Google Local Guides Event in Iowa City, IA

When: Sunday June 12th at 10:00am

Where: Inside the Ped Mall (Pedestrian Mall) area by Sheraton Iowa City Hotel.

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Local Guides Event Questions & Answers

Q: What kind of event is this?

A: It’s an urban photo walk and a “Good Deed” (see below).

Q: Why are we posting photos online for Google to Index?

A: Because we get nerdy benefits from Google, plus it helps local businesses on Google with local search. My main goal is to add images and reviews to Google from local businesses that really haven’t maintained their Google Business Page with up-to-date photos. Lots of small mom-and-pop shops/companies are completely missing from Google Maps! Consider this a “Digital Good Deed!” Businesses often go out of business when they can’t be found online.

Q: How do I sign up to be a Google Guide?

A: Sign up is easy with any Google Account.. Sign up here.

Q: What are the rules to being a Google Guide and what is the benefit to me?

A: Full list of rules & exclusive benefits are located here.

Results from Iowa City Local Guides Event

We were able to add and update lots of local businesses on Google Maps during this event. I’ll have an updated list with pictures that have been added to maps soon. But for now, below are some images of businesses that needed lots of work on Google Maps.