Worked on the bluebird diner website with owner.

Website work for the owner of The Bluebird Diner in Iowa City, IA

WP-Filebase Download ManagerI’m sitting at Forbidden Planet enjoying my calzone and in comes the co-owner Tommy Connolly talking about how he is having troubles with updating one of his other company’s (The Bluebird Diner) websites that is based on WordPress. After one of the patrons of the restaurant jokingly Google’s “what is WordPress”, I chime in asking what would you like to know about it? I started off by saying lots of people think it’s just used for blogging, but also lots of large corporations use this technology to easily manage their website(s).

Needless to say Tommy realized that I work with WP full time and I even name-dropped that I’m the Co-Organizer/Event Host for the Cedar Rapids WordPress Meetup Group. Tommy has become a friend of mine over the years that I’ve been going to Forbidden Planet and I offered to help him out with getting the company logo with downloadable menu in a PDF file format to show up on the website.

Tommy logged into The Bluebird Dinner’s website and I navigated over to the Appearance > Widgets to update the right side widget area of the WP-Filebase logo in WordPress menuwebsite that was missing the logo with downloadable pdf menu. I noticed that the original website designer utilized a plugin called WP-Filebase, a plugin that I was not currently familiar with. I noticed while looking at the widgets area in the admin panel that the plugin was trying to autofill but it wasn’t currently on the correct setting of “menu_2”. The previous web designer didn’t make the selections all that clear, but I was able to dope it out quickly and get the logo with downloadable PDF up and running fast! It still needs some CSS work and maybe a line break to completely look good, but getting the Menu back up and running was key at this point.

A refill of my coffee and game tokens to play the pinball machines was all the payment I needed for this quick job and potential new customer in the future.

Inside the bluebird diner's wordpress dashboard with the owner by my side

Inside the bluebird diner’s wordpress dashboard with the owner by my side

Simple business thank you letter of thanks

Simple yet powerful “Thank You Note” from a client.

Its thank you notes like this one that makes us happy that we are in this business. We have had several clients that have had bad experiences in the past with website designers. Thinking that its bunk or balderdash that in redesigning a website for usability would not only increase online visibility but also increase sales. Needless to say Brian now understand first hand just how much a new website has helped out.

Thanks for keeping everything running

Thanks for keeping everything running

Tech and Freelancers lunch in Iowa City

Tech, Web & Freelancers Lunch in Iowa City, IA

Startup Iowa logo startup Iowa City logoWe joined 8 other tech industry members in the Iowa City area for a Freelancers lunch and discuss how to better interact with clients. From using videos to show clients what we worked on that day to digital scrum boards to just email. We were all in agreement that dealing with clients, that email maybe one of the worst things to use. Phone calling using a google voice number was far above just sending end of day emails. But in short is what is manageable for you and the client. Its not always an easy thing to balance or find.

Tech and Freelancers lunch in Iowa City

Tech and Freelancers lunch in Iowa City