Party, Equipment & Event Rental Website Design

Our client Morris & Company Entertainment Inc. in Port Byron, IL

Duplicate Content Websites Were Found

Sometimes we find duplicate content on a website, but this is a case where we found two older websites and a broken and hacked newer website running an outdated WordPress installation and 5.2 PHP.  Below are the three live and active websites that we replaced with our new e-commerce “Get A Quote” style website.

Live 2006 Version

Live 2013 Version

Hacked 2016 Version

We found PHP issues so images wouldn’t load. Plus, multiple hacked blog posts due to the previous website designer not keeping up the WordPress installation. We were somewhat shocked this website was still indexed by Google.

Our Update

Party Rental Store website design for Morris and Company Entertainment

Client’s Needs

Our client asked for a website that could be found better online. We delivered with a far superior looking website than even he thought possible. We also solved the solution by emailing him people’s price quotes from his website. Seeing that this website just launched, we are expecting this year to not be his most profitable year due to the delay with Google. But we expect 2019 to be the best year in a long time!

The previous website designer ( currently his website is down due to being hacked) did a disservice on not having the website located at the proper URL. The URL was We thought this was crazy until we went to Swagger Marketing’s website and found that he did the same for his own “business” website. Clearly, this web designer doesn’t know what he is doing and our client suffered financial loss as a result.

The Upgrades

  • Faster Website with an upgrade to PHP 7.2 from 5.2
  • Added an SSL (secure socket layer) that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and the browser.
  • Improve the overall look of the website to show off the location.
  • Get them found online in Google’s SERP (search engine results page).
  • Killed off 2 other versions of the website that were searchable online that had duplicate content.
  • Fixed hacked website. Spam-filled backlinks.
  • Killed all duplicate website and 301 redirected all legacy links to new pages on the new website.