Converted an underperforming WIX website to GoDaddy then to WordPress: The history of

Wix Version

The original website that was never seen

GoDaddy Version

GoDaddy's Website Builder version for $120 per month with ssl

Our Goals

  1. Our design goals were to create a website within a three-day span because the GoDaddy hosting costs $120/month when the free trial period is up soon.
  2. Provide a website that visitors will find. The WIX made free site after a full year simply couldn’t be found online and the owner of the company decided that he had to do something to increase business. That is why he called Big Ten Web Design & Online Marketing! We were able to get his website up and running within days. We were able to get a free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) though Let’s Encrypt. And we were able to change the DNS and completely kill the GoDaddy website before exorbitant charges per month will be incurred.
  3. Highlight the services provided by Hershberger Maintenance Solutions in a visual manner so people don’t have to read each service available.
  4. Show the owner’s photo so the client knows who will be showing up at their home.
  5. Gain yet another happy customer who will love his new website! DONE!

WordPress Version

Hershberger Maintenance Solutions website built by Big Ten Web Design with free ssl

Quick Drop in Traffic according to GoDaddy

GoDaddy's website builder costs 120 per month and the traffic died off fast crop

GoDaddy showed a quick drop in the website traffic to the GoDaddy self-made site. This website was launched in mid-March 2017. We look forward to seeing Google Analytics as the traffic continues to increase over time.