New and Used Tire Shop Website Design

Our Client Chicago Used and New Tires located in Iowa City, IA.

Original Website

New Website

Client’s Objectives

We could tell from the beginning that this client has had to deal with a less than professional website designer in the past. Our client was forced into buying a new domain name and changing the entire name of their business because of the website designer was holding the domain name hostage. This is something that Big Ten Web Design doesn’t do. We pride ourselves on openness, transparency and if you think some other company can do it better than us, you are free to take your entire website to a competitor.

Due to this past negative experience and the lack of the previous website’s performance, the owner of this company had the price of a website on his mind. This is definitely a budget website with room to grow. He learned quickly that a website built by BTWD does much better on Google than his previous website and is beyond happy with the results. He recently recommended us to one of his fellow business friends. We love referral clients!