People at WordPress meeting at Gravitate in Des Moines, Iowa
WordPress Meetup Des Moines, Iowa

Jordan Foreman (LinkedIn) is the lead developer for Men’s Style Lab and currently lives in Des Moines, IA. Unfortunately I missed most of his presentation, but he went over what the WP REST API  is in general.

WordPress as a Platform/Service by Andy Brudtkuhl

Andy Brudtkuhl (LinkedIn, Twitter) is a top notch web developer and entrepreneur. Quite skilled with WordPress REST API!

Full Stack Website Apps using WordPress REST api by Arthur M. Smith

Arthur M. Smith (goes by Art) is a seasoned veteran with WordPress and programming in general. Amazingly this isn’t his full time job. Yet his knowledge base doesn’t indicate that at all.

Download Arthur M Smith (Art) slides for his REST API Full Stack Project talk.

WordPress Des Moines group discussion

WP Scaffold post type by Ethan Clevenger (left)

For me, after events for me is when the best stuff happens. An impromptu talk about WordPress Scaffold post type by Ethan Clevenger (LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub) added to this great WordPress meetup!

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