Promotional restaurant Table Tent Marketing idea to engage social media

“Table Tent” Marketing with Social Media Promotion

This print advertising campaign was designed to get patrons who are already at Forbidden Planet in Iowa City to share on social media that they are at this location having fun and are posting pictures of their good time. This type of printed advertisement is called a “table tent.” The purpose is to give away 10 free tokens to play the games if you post on social media and tag this restaurant. This, in our opinion, is an under-utilized technique to get the word out in a somewhat organic way. After all, who likes forced promotions by a company that they follow on social networks? However, when a post shows up from a friend saying how much fun they are having, that will catch our eye and it’s intended to have a much different effect than self promotion.

Wanna get some free tokens? It’s easy! Take a picture of fun #icforbiddenplanet times, tag us and claim your tokens at the bar. #tokens #arcade #iowacity #downtowniowacity #uiowa #iowa #universityofiowa #fun

Posted by Forbidden Planet: Pizzeria & Video Arcade on Friday, January 22, 2016

Simple business thank you letter of thanks

Simple yet powerful “Thank You Note” from a client.

Its thank you notes like this one that makes us happy that we are in this business. We have had several clients that have had bad experiences in the past with website designers. Thinking that its bunk or balderdash that in redesigning a website for usability would not only increase online visibility but also increase sales. Needless to say Brian now understand first hand just how much a new website has helped out.

Thanks for keeping everything running

Thanks for keeping everything running

From left to right: Mike Irvine, Don White, Nate Houstman, Aaron Van Noy and Andrew Miller

Cedar Rapids WordPress Continuing Education meetup group

wordpress logoFantastic evening of sharing, learning and hanging out with fellow friends at the January 20th 2015 WordPress Meetup at Creative Corridor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Tracking billable hours:

~50 pages worth of plugin recommendations:

Great web firewall service:

Concatenate JS and files:

SEO blueprint that I use:

Scrum boards:
Video Blog at:

All in one events calendar:
Here’s a list of some theme creators that have good support. These themes are built on the Genesis Framework. You would need the base Genesis Framework from StudioPress to use these themes. ($60)

Our favorite forms:

Business directory form:




From left to right: Mike Irvine, Don White, Nate Houstman, Aaron Van Noy and Andrew Miller

From left to right: Mike Irvine, Don White, Nate Houstman, Aaron Van Noy and Andrew Miller

Tech and Freelancers lunch in Iowa City

Tech, Web & Freelancers Lunch in Iowa City, IA

Startup Iowa logo startup Iowa City logoWe joined 8 other tech industry members in the Iowa City area for a Freelancers lunch and discuss how to better interact with clients. From using videos to show clients what we worked on that day to digital scrum boards to just email. We were all in agreement that dealing with clients, that email maybe one of the worst things to use. Phone calling using a google voice number was far above just sending end of day emails. But in short is what is manageable for you and the client. Its not always an easy thing to balance or find.

Tech and Freelancers lunch in Iowa City

Tech and Freelancers lunch in Iowa City