Why Big Ten Web Design?


of our clients saw an increase in business after implementing our web, SEO and/or marketing services.

We can build or fix your website

Server setup
Create a website
Build an online store
Drive sales via marketing
Increase local business

We design all of our customer’s websites to be user friendly to use/update and rank close to the top in SERP (Search engine results page).  Having a company website is the most economical way to advertise for your company or even yourself.  Ranking high will give your website the opportunity to be seen and clicked on without the need for constantly paying into expensive pay per click adwords.

This is not to suggest that adwords may not be a good method for marketing yourself. In fact we often recommend them for new websites but look for that tipping point were we can reduce our even better turn off PPC ads. A high ranking for your website in the search engines is certainly good practice to achieving maximum exposure. Both Google’s and Bing’s search engine algorithm is changing almost daily. We educated with research to maximize your website’s performance for years to come with proper/honest Search Engine Optimization techniques.

We invite you to ask some of our clients just how much our website work has helped increase their business’s bottom line. Some customers have seen an increase up to 50% within one year after receiving one of our new websites that could actually be found online.

Our sites are build on existing technology so we don’t have to reinventing the wheel from he ground up each and every time. We have a content management system called WordPress (WordPress is a free and open-source tool and a content management system based on PHP and MySQL) that give us lots of flexibility in creating websites and is user friendly enough for several of our clients to make simple updates on their own schedule.

The owners at Big Ten Web Design & SEO have owned and operated several top ranking websites over the years. Get a free non-commitment quote from Big Ten Web Design and see what we can do for you.

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